Goodbye Belgium... Hello Denmark!

As of today we officially moved to Århus, Denmark. It will take some time before business is running at a normal level. I still have some Belgian made pedals and t-shirts for sale in the shop, which are available for order. For now all shipping will still be handled from Belgium so there's no change in the shipping costs yet. This will change when new batches are made and sold.

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Homenoise t-shirts have arrived in style!

At Homenoise we believe everyone should try limit their ecological footprint and that everyone is entitled to a fair payment for the work they deliver. So after a long time looking for the right people to print the designs and the right manufacturer, Homenoise t-shirts are finally a thing! Check them out at the shop.

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Deep Space review by Pedal Of The Day

Pedal Of The Day has written an in depth review and made an interesting video of the Deep Space. You can read the full version and watch the video by clicking on the image below. Thanks guys!

PedalOfTheDay Deep Space Review Screenshot


New country, new way of working...

As most of you know by now my family and I are moving to Denmark by the end of August. Because my wife, our soon-to-be-born son and taking time to enjoy life are most important to me, I've decided to make some changes as far as Homenoise goes.
Before you go all crazy thinking Homenoise will be closing its doors, don't worry! It will just be a change in the way of working. Please keep in mind that I'm doing all of this besides working a daytime job, I'm not running a fulltime business.
The idea is that I will be making a small and fixed amount of pedals each month. There will be a preorder list available at the beginning of each month. If the list is full, any following preorders will be put on the list for the next month.
A second change will be the prices of the pedals. Due to the different currency and tax system in Denmark, the prices will unfortunately have to go up. This is to make up for the serious increase in cost of life compared to our life in Belgium.
In any case, my sincere apologies for this rather annoying news but I hope you can all understand why these changes are being made.


Artist page is online!

The Homenoise artist page has been uploaded. If you're an artist or in a band and you own a Homenoise pedal, be sure to fill in the form to get up there as well. This will be a great place to discover new music. Check it out here.


Artist page coming soon, application form for bands and artists is online.

Because of the growing amount of artists using Homenoise pedals, it seemed fitting to start building an Artist page. For now only the Application Form is online. If you'd like to be featured on the band page, it only takes a minute to fill out the application. The actual Artist page will be following soon.


Homenoise is relocating to Århus, Denmark.

Homenoise Effects will be moving North soon... Read the full announcement here.

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The Serpent Cult has been restocked!

Order yours now on the webshop or on Reverb.



Emerald Treble Booster (B-Stock) up for trade!

Putting this B-Stock Emerald Booster (Serial # ZERO) up for trade. The only flaw is the grey on the box that's not the correct kind of grey, it's darker than on the other Homenoise pedals.

Not looking for any specific effect but I will only consider pedals that are in 100% working condition.

If you're interested, just send me an email with your offer and if possible a picture though the contact page. This offer lasts until Juli 8th of 2018



Try the Black Lodge at Summer Namm 2018!

If you're visiting this year's Summer NAMM, be sure to pass by booth 1159 and give the Black Lodge a try!

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